What are the rarest stone in the world

What are the rarest stone in the world ?

What are the rarest stone in the world ?


Painite, a gemstone of profound beauty and rarity, has a story that is as fascinating as the stone itself. This deep red gemstone was identified as a new gem species in 1957. Until 2001, only three painite crystals were known to exist, making it one of the rarest stones in the world.

Discovery and Expansion

Since its initial discovery, additional findings have produced many more specimens of this deep red gemstone. However, facetable material remains very rare. Painites occur only in Myanmar, adding to their exclusivity. Over a thousand crystals and fragments have now been recovered, but most of this material isn’t facetable.

Characteristics and Challenges

With a hardness of 8, great brilliance, and attractive red colors, painites would make beautiful jewelry stones. However, they present some challenges for gem cutters. Even gem-quality rough is typically highly included and fractured. As a result, faceters tend to cut these gems small and shallow, which can impair their brilliance.

The Beauty of Painite

Despite the challenges, the beauty of this rare material is undeniable. Although new finds of painite have produced very heavily included and fractured rough, an expert gem cutter can still bring out the beauty of this rare material. The allure of Painite lies not just in its rarity, but also in its captivating deep red color and the skill required to reveal its beauty.

In conclusion, Painite’s rarity and unique characteristics make it a fascinating subject in the world of gemstones. Its story serves as a reminder of the wonders and mysteries that our Earth holds, waiting to be discovered.

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